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Most of the individual rig owners have already turned off their rigs as of now. For the simple reason that mining on their own proves to be a deficit due to the cost of electricity and the falling value of Bitcoin. At Cryptochain Technology, we have our mining operations in Sweden where we partnered with owners of power plants and hydro plants. These reduced our operating cost to 30% of whatever is being mined versus paying for retail electricity. What we are doing is actually converting electricity to fiat which sets us apart from other miners or groups. Therefore we are not affected by the falling prices of Bitcoin.
We prefer not to take clients down due to privacy of farm location for 2 reasons: – Sabotage – Theft In an event of above-mentioned scenarios, Cryptochain Technology has to bear the responsibilities of the hosted machines therefore to avoid any discrepancies, we hope that clients grant us the anonymity to locations.
However, for clients that are having 100 machines and more, we will provide options for bitcoin mining pool access as well as CCTV installation for a privately owned farm. Specific location viewing can be arranged when the farm is operational and signing of the indemnity form will be mandatory.
Although we strongly believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay and considering that bitcoin was never created for mainstream markets.
In an event that cryptocurrencies no longer has liquidity or any value, Cryptochain Technology will only return the machines to you voiding any prior arrangements.
Yes, you can, on conditions that we do not have any partners in your country already. Terms and conditions will be discussed separately.
Yes, you can do so but Asic miners are preferred over GPU rigs.
However, the rental rates will be much lower as compared to clients purchasing directly through us. The duration will be determined by the lifespan of individual machines. The cost of maintenance or replacements of parts will also be charged separately. Logistics of machines can be handled by client themselves and/or it can be done through us with a fee.

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